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U Look Hungry Radio Summer Sessions


U Look Hungry radio is back! Summer is here, and I thought it was time to take you, dear listeners, on the open American road.

On today’s episode, I’m broadcasting to you from the Big Easy, as I sit down and chat with Ali Mills, the mastermind/bartender behind the hottest New Orleans pop up bartenders salon/speakeasy, Dash & Pony, only on the Heritage Radio Network.

Tune in live today, Thursday May 23rd, 2013 at 6pm (EST), to hear us talk about the contemporary New Orleans cocktail scene, termite swarms, bugs and why you’ll find them in your booze, why it’s okay for bartenders to be rude, and so much more. 


If you’re too busy holed up alongside the nearest air-conditioning unit, take your time and stream the podcast version of the show via U Look Hungry on Itunes. It’s free after all. 

More importantly, if you find yourself in New Orleans this Sunday, May 26th, head on over to the Dash & Pony cocktail salon at Le Fin Du Monde Restaurant. Things kick off at 8 p.m. sharp.

To find out more information about the location, etc. find Dash & Pony on Facebook.



Are you waiting for the release of Small Black’s forthcoming album, Limits of Desire to drop? This is the summer album we’ve all been waiting for, the one that inspires long drives, make-out sessions and beach scenes, if only in our minds.

Take a deep breath. You’ve got until May 14th to get your summer on in full effect.

In the meantime, you can kill some time and watch Friday Night Lights.

You could also listen to the time Small Black paid me a visit in the radio booth to talk about their music, touring, and Friday Night Lights.

OR you could unwind on this boozy news update: Small Black has paired up with Stillwater Beer for the second volume of the brewery’s Sensory Series. Stillwater crafted a black saison repping the band’s moniker and overall swag.


According to beer master (and former music producer/DJ) Brian Stillwater, “After many listens to the new album we agreed on the track ‘Breathless’ as inspiration for the beer. The tune instantly jumped out as a summer anthem and reminded me of my days as a electronic music producer & DJ. Uplifting pads, soothing vocals, and a solid 4/4 kick give the song a powerful drive while still maintaining its beauty and elegance.

In constructing the accompanying beverage I took a similar direction - a dark black beer that maintains the elegance of the song. I decided on a base of German malts and a debittered roasted barley to provide more dark color with very little actual roast flavor. German Hallertau hops are used to create a smooth bitterness and spicy, floral aroma. And while the beer is black, it’s extremely light bodied, fermented with Belgian yeast for a dry, slightly fruity, spicy finish at 5% ABV. Perfect for those late night summer parties.


When you purchase the beer you can creep on the video for Breathless (for free.) 

Wait so, I can listen to this album, drink beer and wear short shorts outside? I’m putting my Jazzy Jeff Summertime vinyl on the back burner.

Small Black has already figured my summer out for me. Thanks dudes.

Go see them live because they might kick it in your town this summer. See what I mean here.

Clear Eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.

Booze & Bison. Party on, Wayne.


Author Lesley Blume on U Look Hungry Radio

On today’s episode of U Look Hungry, I’m joined by the incredible Author, Journalist and cultural observer, Lesley Blume. She’s written for sources like Vanity Fair, Vogue, Slate and The Daily Beast, to name a few. To say that she’s a tour de force is an understatement.

Tune in LIVE today, Thursday November 15th 2012, at 6 pm to hear me chat with Lesley about her new book, Let’s Bring Back, on the Heritage Radio Network.

Here’s a great description of the book, as seen below.

“sophisticated, stylish cultural encyclopedia of nostalgia, Let’s Bring Back celebrates hundreds of forgotten-yet-delightful objects, curiosities, pastimes, fashions, words, landmarks, and personalities from bygone eras.

 Let’s Bring Back transports its readers from the golden age of Hollywood to the bacchanals of ancient Rome to the elaborately-coiffed and martini-filled New York City of the 1960s. This is a world of monocles and parasols; luxurious train travel and gilded airline cabins; decadent feasts, pet cheetahs, and zeppelins.

 In the pages of Let’s Bring Back, you’ll rediscover the merits of many things, such as:

* Sealing wax, quill pens, and telegrams …

 * The old Orient Express and the grand Palm Beach sleeper …

 * Fainting couches, quizzing glasses, and zinc bars …

 * Top hats, liveried footmen, and the devilish French caricaturist “Sem” …

 * The barbed wit and deliciously vile bon mots of Algonquin Round Table legends Dorothy Parker, Alexander Woollcott, and Tallulah Bankhead …

 * The unapologetically eccentric styles of fashion icons Diana Vreeland, Isabella Blow, and the Marchesa Casasti …

 * Delectable ambrosia, Tipsy Parson, and star-gazey pie”

Do yourself two favors to prepare for today’s show:

1.)    Pour yourself a cocktail to get into the spirit (awful pun intended)

2.)   Purchase a copy of Let’s Bring Back to get your holiday shopping list a little bit shorter!

P.S. if you’ve been enjoying cocktail hour a bit too much, take your time and tune in at your leisure via the (free) iTunes podcast version of U Look Hungry.

Tristan Willey of Booker & Dax on U Look Hungry Radio


(Photo via TheWilley)

If you’re a dedicated Heritage Radio Network listener, you’ve probably checked out Dave Arnold’s informative show, Cooking Issues. If you haven’t, you’ve got some sweet radio waves ahead of you. When Dave isn’t resolving and explaining culinary queries on the microphone, you can find him at the culinary technology department at the FCI, or inventing cocktails with the aid of technology and science, through tools like a flaming hot poker or liquid nitrogen at his bar inside Momofuku Ssam Bar, Booker and Dax. 

That’s where Booker and Dax Bar Manager (and New Mexico native), Tristan Willey comes in. Working on the cutting edge side of the cocktail world, Tristan is at the helm of working with technology in the midst of mixology. BUT this ain’t your local bartender. Tristan has also been known to distill moonshine and bourbon for the award winning Kings County Distillery (based in Brooklyn) when he’s not stirring (or lighting) up the meanest cocktail you’ve ever tasted. And by mean, I mean amazing. 

Tune in live to U Look Hungry today, Thursday August 16th, 2012 at 6 pm (EST) on the Heritage Radio Network to hear me chat with Tristan about the contemporary cocktail culture scene, how to make a kickin’ moonshine that will make you grow hairs on your chest, what to eat and drink in Albuquerque when you’re not on the Breaking Bad tour, and so much more.

You can listen to the live broadcast via Heritage Radio, or take your time and download the podcast version of the interview by subscribing to U Look Hungry radio on iTunes. It’s free after all.

Dash & Pony Speakeasy on U Look Hungry Radio


This week on U Look Hungry Radio, you can find me in the Crescent City. Holed up next to the nearest air conditioning unit, all I need is an iced down cocktail to get me through these dog days.


That’s where Dash & Pony speakeasy comes in. Tomorrow, June 21, 2012 at 6 pm (EST), I’m joined by Ali Mills, the mastermind/bartender behind the hottest New Orleans pop up bartenders salon/speakeasy, Dash & Pony, on Heritage Radio Network. Tune in live to hear us talk about the contemporary New Orleans cocktail scene, what it’s like to throw a boozy bartenders salon, and what to drink when the thermometer breaks.

Or, take your time and stream the podcast version of the show via U Look Hungry on Itunes. It’s free after all.

In the mean time, check out this post I did on the last Dash & Pony to get a better sense of what’s in store.

More importantly, if you find yourself in New Orleans this Sunday, June 24th, head on over to the Dash & Pony cocktail salon. To find out more information about the location, etc. find Dash & Pony on Facebook.

Scenes from New Orleans best Speakeasy, Dash and Pony


Friday night. Bywater, New Orleans. This is Dash and Pony, a pop-up speakeasy that takes over the beautiful homes and honey suckle scented backyards of New Orleans, dreamt up by an ingenious local bartender, Ali Mills.

Homemade bar, homemade cocktails. Just add people.



Ali mills, tearing it up on the bar.

Even Chris Hannah approves.

The winning beverage of the night: carpano with homemade root beer and fresh orange peel.

The best part is, the hangovers are free.

"Hey, did you ever try dunking a potato chip in champagne? It’s real crazy!" -Marilyn Monroe, The Seven Year Itch

Chris Hannah, Beloved New Orleans Bartender, On You Look Hungry Radio


Vintage New Orleans Mardi Gras photo, via JanesVanity

Mardi Gras season is in full effect, and it can only mean one, two, or three things:

1.) What are you drinking?

2.) Where’s your King Cake?

3.) What’s your costume? 

On today’s episode of U Look Hungry, I’ll be speaking with remarkable New Orleans bartender, Chris Hannah (wizard at Arnaud’s French 75 Bar), about what to drink throughout the mardi gras season, scaling from the old school recipes to modern twists on the ultimate cocktail city. 

Tune in live at 3 p.m. (EST) on Heritage Radio Network to get your full fix of audible libations, from cocktail recipes to the discussion on New Orleans mardi gras traditions, and major lagniappe.

Get the pot of gumbo ready. When you go to New Orleans, be sure to see the mardi gras.