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A Food Guide to Chicago, with the Help of Some Rappers.


I’ve never been to Chicago. I love rap music. I love to eat.

So you can probably imagine how psyched I was to recently discover ThisHeresOverrated, But I love Your City Baby, a rap video based guide to eating in Chicago.

Run by an anonymous source that we’ll refer to as “Ted Overrated,” this dude has a rain main type ability to pinpoint every single food joint located in some of the quintessential Chicago rap videos that he features on his site. He even has a Google map of Chicago with every spot perfectly marked like your very own virtual tour guide.


So naturally, I figured that I needed to chat with this person A.S.A.P. on the radio. Tonight, Thursday February 28th, 2013, tune in to U Look Hungry LIVE at  6pm (EST) as I discuss rap, food, and take a mind bending tour of Chicago with “Ted Overrated.”

You can stream the live broadcast here via the Heritage Radio Network, or download the free iTunes version of the interview if you were too busy dancing to Ace B8gie, “Wild 100 Degreez.” 

As a little something extra, “Ted” provided me with some of his favorite Chi-city tunes to get your earbuds warmed up for what’s going down later tonight:

Common feat. Kanye West - The Food

The Hood Internet - Eatchyo Stigmata (Yea Big and Kid Static vs. Ministry)

Serengeti - Dennehy

Skooda Chose - Uncle Remus [They had to change the name to U See Us after a cease and desist letter from Uncle Remus]

BBU feat. Mic Terror - Spaghetti

Get it ready.

A Lazy Paean to Gallagher.

I miss summer, the eighties, watermelons, bad hair cuts and unattractive outfits. Most of all, I miss Gallagher in his prime. 



How has competitive eating made it to ESPN, but food smashing hasn’t? What if they were competed for, side by side in real time? Would that be too post-modern of a concept?