Chef Fredrik Berselius of Aska Restaurant + Radio Waves

Did you read that recent NY Times review about Aska Restaurant, the spot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that sparkles inside of Kinfolk Studios, the multi-functional art space? It’s the place that’s dishing up modern Scandinavian style cuisine at a pace and in a style that’s breathing new life into Brooklyn’s culinary scene, bite for bite.

Chef Fredrik Berselius (who previously rocked Frej Restaurant prior to opening Aska) is at the helm of the menu; in spring and summer, he’s out foraging for items you’ll later find on your dinner plate, or even in your fancy cocktail.

Here’s the thing: if fine dining is our 21st century version of opera (or a play), participation can come at a seriously high price. These days, tasting menus cost $150 and up at the price of admission, boxing out many customers with a hungry heart and a savvy stomach. At Aska, the playing field is leveled with the prix fix menu, which costs $65. It’s actually cheaper to eat at Aska than it is to take a cab to JFK. 

Cancel that day trip to IKEA for those previously frozen Swedish meatballs, and crank U Look Hungry at 6pm (EST) sharp this evening as I chat with Fredik about foraging, his methodology to cooking, Stockholm and so much more, only on the Heritage Radio Network.

If you miss the live broadcast because you’re dining at Aska right now, I get it, and I’m jealous. Stream the episode at your leisure by downloading the (free) itunes version of the episode here.