’s Helen Rosner on U Look Hungry Radio

Let’s be honest. Saveur Magazine is an institution. It’s my happy place for gorgeous content draped in tradition with heirloom tendencies, jam packed with beautiful swoon worthy food photography, and James Beard Award winning (and worthy) editorial content. 

(Kicking photo via Saveur’s killer Tumblr blog.)

In this current era of a massive digital shift across various mediums and workplaces, it’s exciting to take a look at influential magazines to see what they’re up to in the wi-fi zone.

(Photo via Saveur’s Tumblr blog.)

Tune into U Look Hungry radio LIVE at 6pm (EST) today, Thursday April 18th, 2013, as I sit down and chat with the illustrious Helen Rosner, Executive Digital Editor at, to discuss the dynamic and emerging content of Saveur Magazine’s digital presence, only on the Heritage Radio Network. I’m also incredibly excited to be chatting with another Helen who’s under the age of 85, but that’s completely unrelated.

(Photo via Saveur’s Tumblr blog.)

If you’re too busy voting on the Best Food Blogs contest, well done. I’ve spent the past hour watching videos from the Saveur test kitchen (Check out Todd Coleman’s seriously badass trick for peeling an entire head of garlic in under 10 seconds.) There’s a lot of great content to take in. My suggestion: take your time and listen at your leisure via the (free) iTunes version of the radio interview here.