Lolis Eric Elie on U Look Hungry Radio


On today’s episode of U Look Hungry radio, I’m joined by New Orleans based renaissance man, Lolis Eric Elie. A writer and filmmaker, Lolis is the expert on New Orleans food and culture. A long time writer for the Times Picayune, Lolis has written for the likes of the New York Times, Gourmet, The Smithsonian, Bon Appetit, and The Oxford American to name a few. He’s also responsible for the wonderful documentary, “Fauborg Treme-The Untold Story of Black New Orleans,” and most recently, Lolis is enriching HBO’s Treme as one of the main writers on the show. 

Tune in live at 6 pm (EST) as we broadcast to you from the humidity filled New Orleans neighborhood of, you guessed it, Treme. Listen closely as Lolis gives me the run down on his favorite New Orleans eats, highlights amazing folks from historical Treme, the skinny on Southern BBQ, what it’s like screenwriting for HBO’s Treme, and so much more.

You can stream the live broadcast via Heritage Radio Network. If you’re too busy working on a roux, I understand. Take your time, watch the flour, and download the Itunes version of the podcast at your leisure. It is free, after all.