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Jul 18

Swayze Sauce. Not Swaggu.

What do Patrick Swayze, heartburn and oozing white queso have in common, besides your ultimate fantasy/worst nightmare? 

It could only mean one thing: Casa Blanco, the brand new pop up Brooklyn based Tex-Mex restaurant, invented by chef Courtney McBroom. Think pimento cheese quesadillas, crispy beef tacos and George Jones approved chalupas, all served up in the backyard of RES during the Le Gouter dance parties, every other Sunday until labor day.

Tune into U Look Hungry live today, Thursday July 18th, 2013, only on the Heritage Radio Network as I chat with Courtney about Houston native Patrick Swayze, the future fate of pop up restaurants, what the hell Tex Mex cuisine is all about, and so much more.

If you miss the live broadcast, peep the interview at your leisure by downloading the (free) iTunes version of the ditty right here.

Jul 11

Hansen’s Sno Bliz hits U Look Hungry


Hansen’s Sno Bliz is a New Orleans institution, as quintessential as red beans and rice, necessary as Professor Longfellow, and magnificently appreciated for creating the only snow in the Big Easy. The seventy four year old shop, once owned and operated by the late Ernest and Mary Hansen, makes the best snoball, not sno-cone, in all of New Orleans. 

No, it’s not like your typical crusty sno cone, the one that’s repping a crunchy heap of pebbles of ice, doused in basic flavors like lemon or mint. A sno ball is better than a real one, with it’s perfectly fluffy, snowflake texture, generously drizzled with homemade sweet syrups like cream of nectar. The late and great Ernest Hansen invented the first ice shaving machine; the second prototype, now sixty something years old, still operates as swiftly as it did on day one.


Ernest and Mary’s granddaughter, Ashley Hansen, is the current owner and magical operator of all things behind the counter. Early in the mornings, she mixes up homemade syrups like cream of nectar, stewed blueberries with maple syrup, ginger cayenne, and hazelnut, to name a few. By early afternoon when the heat index has reached debilitating numbers, the doors to the shop open like the gates of heaven, when she’s cranks up the shave ice machine, churning out perfectly fluffy bits of man made snow that most ski mountains would kill for. 

There’s no way to skirt this issue. It’s hot as hell outside and we’re well into the dog days of summer.

So here’s what you need to do to chill out:

Tune in live at 6pm (EST) today, Thursday July 11th, 2013, to U Look Hungry, only on the Heritage Radio Network, to hear me chat with Ashley Hansen about the history of Hansen’s, what this New Orleans spot is all about, and so much more.

You can stream the live broadcast here, but if you miss the live interview because you are trying to order a garbage can sized container of sno-ball, take your time and download the (free) iTunes version here.


Jul 02



Thanks for supporting the U Look Hungry blog, ya’ll.

Nothing says I love you more than Sean Connery & a tumbler/Tumblr filled with scotch, except maybe a session with this minks mitten

Jun 27

Getting Wedding Caked, Making Groceries & Becoming a Duckoff.

Have you ever been wedding caked? Do you know how to make groceries? 

Have you been or become a duckoff?

Am I speaking English?

On today’s episode of U look Hungry, we’re going on a lingistical tour of true New Orleans lingo, ya hurd me?

Tune in live at 6pm (EST) only on the Heritage Radio Network to hear me chat with a roux of locals as we get soup deep into the heart of this city’s mysterious lingo.  You can stream the live broadcast here, or if you’re too busy trying to pronounce Calliope Street, take your time and download the (free) iTunes version of the interview here.

Jun 20

The Dinner Lab on U Look Hungry

On today’s episode of U Look Hungry radio, I’m catching up with Brian Bordainick, founder of the New Orleans based Dinner Lab, an unconventional approach to dining in unique settings with baller chefs. 

They’re currently posted up in three cities: New Orleans, Austin and Nashville, and are rapidly expanding at a cheetah’s pace. Dinner in an old iconic New Orleans church guarded by giant elephant ear plants and honeysuckle, anyone? 

Check out some of their past events to see what I mean.  

Tune in live at 6 pm (EST) today, Thursday June 20th, 2013 as I chat with Brian about the underground dining scene and so much more, only on the Heritage Radio Network.

If you miss the live broadcast, take your time and tune in at your leisure by downloading the (free) iTunes podcast version of the radio interview right here.

For more information on the Dinner Lab, move thyself this way.

Jun 17

Finding love on the internet.

Aw shucks. Peep this flattering bit on Fine Dining Lovers (the San Pellegrino & Aqua Panna site) about U Look Hungry.

(It looks like the U Look Hungry blog was considered one of thirteen inspiring blogs setting the trend on the internet when it comes to food, in the good company of folks like Anthony Bourdain, Momofuku, Ruth Bourdain and Scanwiches.)

While you’re at it, check out the Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

Jun 06

DJ Mustard just came out with a new mixtape, “Ketchup.”
Anybody have a napkin?

DJ Mustard just came out with a new mixtape, “Ketchup.”

Anybody have a napkin?

(Source:, via mrgif)

Disappearing Austin: A Tribute To Dry Creek Saloon

I’m from Austin, Texas. 

Beyond the fact that it’s the state capitol, what do you know about this place? Perhaps you’ve been to SXSW, and perhaps you’ve noticed how quickly the landscape is shifting here as the population (and heat) rises. This town is in its booming period of success, but what happens when all of the quintessential spaces that have made up what we know and love as Austin slowly start to disappear?

Today, I’m on a quest to pay tribute to a space that has nurtured the souls of many an Austin character, one beer at a time. This magical place is known as Dry Creek Saloon, a spot where you can still manage to buy a $2 Pearl beer and catch the sunset over Lake Austin as George Jones croons on the jukebox.

Tune into U Look Hungry LIVE at 6pm (EST) today, Thursday June 6th, 2013 as I sit down and chat with Dry Creek owner and Austin native, Jay Reynolds, about how this place got it’s start, the tales that have taken place here, and so much more, only on the Heritage Radio Network. I also get a chance to sit with a few of the characters that have graced the bar stools of Dry Creek over the past fifty years and hear their stories involving Willie Nelson, a Texas shoot out, the late and great Dry Creek owner, Sarah, who was known as “the meanest bartender in Austin, Texas,” what it means to be a Texan, and so much more.

If you’re too busy drinking a Lonestar beer, sit back, relax, and listen to the interview at your leisure. That’s what the Dry Creek Saloon is all about. You can download the (free) iTunes version of the radio interview here.

Queue up Redheaded Stranger by Willie Nelson, and get ready to learn about one of the most iconic cultural places on the disappearing Austin map that’s holding steady as parking lots and skyscrapers come to roost.

Jun 05


May 30

James Booker, Brought Back from the Dead.

For the outsider (translation = you’re not a native, perhaps even if your family has lived there for one generation) there are a few ways to try to get to know the lady that is New Orleans. A wise sage once told me to listen to the song, "Suzanne," covered by Nina Simone to truly understand this elusive and intoxicatingly unforgettable place. Another Southern soul told me, “when you walk barefoot through the streets of New Orleans, you’ll never leave her, but you’ll love her forever.” 

Onwards past the swamps, through the curtain of debilitating humidity that wraps around you like a velvet cloak, beyond that life changing bowl of mud hued gumbo, do you really know what it means to miss New Orleans?


On today’s episode of U Look Hungry radio, I’m throwing you a skeleton key to a hidden and crucial part of the Big Easy. Tune in today, Thursday May 30th, 2013 LIVE at 6 pm (EST) as I chat w/ filmmaker Lily Keber about James Booker, one of the most quintessential musicians to grace the streets and pianos of New Orleans, and our known universe. James Booker, who described himself as “the black liberace,” and a “one eyed, heroin addicted, bi-polar queer musician” by many others, was a child prodigy who grew up to create some of the most important/iconic New Orleans songs that we have to date. His playing style has been articulated by some as, “a gang of spiders on the keys,” while others were convinced that he had a third hand hidden somewhere beyond the piano for his insanely swift playing abilities.

Until a few years ago, no one knew much else about James Booker (who passed away thirty years prior) beyond the juke box. That’s where Lily Keber comes in with her documentary surrounding the life of James Booker, “Bayou Maharajah, The Tragic Genius of James Booker,” which attempts at revealing more about this eccentrically brilliant character beyond the music.


Queue up your favorite Booker song, and get ready to hear Lily bring back James Booker from the dead. You can stream the live broadcast here via the Heritage Radio Network, or take your time and download the (free) iTunes version of the radio interview here.